The McLaren 675LT On The Track and Country Roads

Looks like the McLaren 675LT is a great addition to the McLaren line of supercars; perhaps topping even the 450S!

McLaren 675LTFor those following the McLaren line of supercars, if you are one of the lucky 500 buyers for the McLaren 675LT you just might have to look elsewhere in the McLaren lineup to pick out your next best McLaren. The video gives us some great shots of the McLaren 675LT running the course on a track, and then moves us to ride along with Matt Prior as he traverses back country roads. By the sound of Matt’s feedback while driving this great supercar, many of us wish we’d had a chance to drive the car (an own it) ourselves.

As posted with the video,

“Remember the iconic McLaren F1 GTR ‘Longtail’? We do. It’s the car that raced at Le Mans in 1997, and also the model used as inspiration for McLaren’s latest supercar – the 675LT.

Just 500 examples of the 666bhp 675LT will be made – but is it truly a leap forward for McLaren? We sent Matt Prior to find out.”


Autocar – video posted on their Autocar YouTube channel

Source: Autocar posted video “Taming the McLaren 675LT – New 666bhp supercar driven on road and track

Photo: As seen in the Autocar posted video

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