Buying and Selling Corvettes Just Got Easier – A Better Way to Buy & Sell Your Vette!

Are you in the market looking to sell your valued Corvette? Are you on the hunt for your next (or first) Corvette? I may have just the solution for you. Please take a few minutes and check out my new Website (launched in mid April),! - the better way to buy & sell your Vette home page

Buying and Selling Corvettes – A Better Way To Buy & Sell Your Vette! will help

Be sure to check out the special promo we have running; now’s a great time to list your Corvette for sale. Selling Corvettes just got easier; listing of Corvettes for sale by their owners and presenting their Corvette to buyers is a win-win for both the Corvette seller, and for the buyer looking for their next (or first) Corvette. isn’t only for buyers and sellers of Corvettes! If you are interested in sharing your Corvette story (e.g., refurbish, retromod, original owner, barn find, etc.), check out our forum on and post your story. We’d be happy to help with uploading photos, etc. Thanks for taking the time to review my post on and the buying and selling opportunities we will connect you with!

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